Our Mission

Immunity Kingdom Corp. is proud to be the first to introduce the medicinal mushroom beta glucan to our respected fellow Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners.

The research of the mushroom beta glucan has a long and compelling history, dating back almost four decades. In an effort to find natural and organic ingredients that would improve and sustain consumer’s health and wellness, scientists happened upon the medicinal mushrooms and began studying them. Amongst hundreds of components, scientists’ principal interests laid in a beneficial metabolite known as Mushroom Beta Glucan, a natural polysaccharide that balances the immune system.

Continued research proved and delighted researchers as the versatility of mushroom beta glucan became apparent, as did its effects with promoting wellness and improving the quality of life.  Further research showed that not only was this natural polysaccharide effective, it was also safe and non-toxic.

As a firm believer in evidence-based research, Immunity Kingdom Corp. is pleased to serve as the exclusive authorized distributor for Immune First™ and Betamin™, two effective dietary supplement product manufactured with patented biotechnology and exceptional quality of mushroom beta glucan, designed specially for the TCM practitioners. As part of our commitment to promote wellness and a healthy living among our customers, we strongly recommend these two products to our fellow TCM practitioners as part of their solution as an extended life solution.