Betamin – Full Spectrum Mushroom Beta Glucan available in the Purest Liquid Form

Energy, Antioxidant and Aging Support*

Designed as a “Vitamin for your Immune System”, Betamin™ is developed to unlock the healing potential of the medicinal mushrooms to support vitality and longevity. Naturally isolated from 12 unique medicinal mushrooms grown from our facility in Southern California, Betamin™ mobilize key immune cells that promote wellness and restore quality of life.

Containing beta glucan frozen in its most original form, Betamin™ provides the maximum benefit with absolutely no artificial additives, flavors, preservatives and is safe to consume daily. The primary ingredient, Immulink MBG® is patented and Generally Recognized as Safe (GRN 000413) under the provision of U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

  • Made in USA, 350 ml frozen liquid beta glucan derived from 12 medicinal mushrooms
  • Exclusive full-spectrum Beta glucan in the liquid form designed for practitioners
  • Contains absolutely No Preservatives, No artificial additives, No Flavors
  • Restores quality of life, replenish energy and provides aging support.
  • Made with Clinically proven, Non-allergenic and GMO-free ingredient, Gluten Free.